Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love Perez.

Okay I know most people think that Perez Hilton (his real name is Mario Lavandeira Jr.) is a horrible person who likes to spread celebrity rumors. His site is a bit much for some, but in my opinion he is funny, insightful, and honest. I'll admit I am one of the millions who check in every day for a little bit of celebrity dirty laundry. Recently he started dedicating posts to any cause he feels he should get some attention. Today he posted about the JDRF! He told it like it was when Halle found the cure for diabetes, and now he's asking his millions of readers to support the JDRF! Kudos to him!

Here's a link to the exact post. Be warned the site is definitely not PG-13. If you'd rather keep things G, the picture I provided is readable if you click on it. I've cropped out the ads and such.


Araby62 said...

Oh you've hit a nerve here...I should have admitted my Perez Hilton addiction on my 'weird 10' list ;-) Good for him, though, and he's been on her a** since day 1 about this.

Now I must go take a shower to remove the icky feeling I always get from reading his blog...!

Jillian said...

Do not be ashamed for I am in the same boat.

k2 said...

I check out his site daily & I actually commented on this post...Of course, I had to mention Halle Berry curing herself. I couldn't help it - She started it, he reported it, and I'm not letting it die!