Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm not going! Well not quite yet.

So, I hope you didn't think that with the end of Diabetes Blog Week I would disappear back in to the real world. I've had little too much fun being back here with Diabetor and the DOC. So here's the deal. The next 5 posts I write (It could take a few weeks I'm busy with school still) will be partially posted on this blog with a link to read the rest over at my new blog. After five posts I'll be dropping the cross posting thing and sticking strictly to the new blog. Sound like a deal? I'm in the process of having the new blog added to the Diabetes Daily Headlines so you will be able to easily see when I post on the new blog, although my topics will not always be Diabetes related. Basically, I'm pulling an Allison on you by adding more topics to the mix, but I'm doing it on a whole new blog. I hope you'll continue to read :)


Scott said...

Jillian, there's more to us than diabetes, so if you want to write about other things, please do (you can even include something about how d impacted, or did NOT impact those experiences). Thanks for the heads up about your other blog; many people will add it to our RSS readers.

Karen said...

I agree with Scott - I'm happy to read any posts on D-Blogs that are about something other than diabetes. I love getting to know more about a bloggers life and interests!! :)