Saturday, May 15, 2010

DBW Day 6 - Diabetes Snapshots: Site Change Day

Today's topic coincides perfectly with my site change! I'm not one of those "let's see how long this site will last" or "oh i'm pushing day 7 on this site" people. My site comes out every three days like clock work, and sometimes every two days. I don't know about you but, my sites just start begging to be changed as I'm approaching that 72 hour mark.

New Infusion set & IV Prep:

IV Prep on the site. Right Hip.

New set unwrapped.

Pop it in:

Connected to 2 sites at once (excuse the messy sink/mirror):

New cartridge and tubing:


Load cartridge:

Prime tubing:
Fill Cannula:

Put the pump back in its home aka my pocket:

I encourage you to pop over to the inspiration for this topic: Diabetes 365

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thisiscaleb said...

Great depiction of the process.