Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day.

Today is World Diabetes Day, but unfortunately for those of us living with this disease every day is WDD. Each day we test our blood sugar multiple times, dose insulin, take pills, try to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and worry about complications, all while attempting to a live a normal life. We can’t just pick a day out of the year to be aware of our Diabetes because it’s always there. I’m glad that the disease is getting world wide recognition, but I wish it didn’t even exist in the first place. I just can’t be the picture of positivity when there are millions of children and adults living with this disease, many of whom do not have access to quality medical treatment. It just doesn't feel right to wish you a Happy World Diabetes Day, because why should we be happy that there is no cure, that each day more children and adults are being diagnosed, that some will die before they even get treatment? We shouldn't. We should let today serve as a reminder to continue working towards better treatment and ultimately a cure. 


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Sandra Miller said...

I know exactly what you mean, Jillian.

Though I'm both glad and grateful that so many are turning their attention to diabetes awareness today -- providing inspiration and motivation to (hopefully) millions -- I can't quite view the day as a "celebration," either.