Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Man. One Nation.

President Elect Barack Obama is just one man. Together, no matter our political beliefs, we need to be one nation. Even though we may disagree about his views, policies, and message as a country we have to come together as a country. I believe that there is always common ground, no matter how small it is. It is not our responsibility to change each other's opinions, but it is our right to express ours in a respectful way. I have seen so many things today that have (in my opinion) crossed that fine line. If anything comes from this election it is the fact that there are people who are passionate about their politics. I just hope that this commitment to involvement continues so that our government properly represents ALL of it's people. I hope that we can all put away the ugly and bring out the unity that this country was founded on.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Diabetic Programing.


Colleen said...

Well said, Jillian!

Cara said...

You are a truly MATURE person for your age. Although we differ on political beliefs, I agree with you 100% that we should band together as a nation to bring UNITY back. And I think your vote (had you been able to) would have been a responsible, well thought out vote. Thank you for caring about your country. You are a fantastic young person.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, that was very well said! It is time to bring unity back and there's a long road ahead of us- but you're right, if this commitment and passion continues.. We can accomplish it.

Cara said...

At one time I was Team I am Switzerland. My WeeMee on my page says Team Edward, but they didn't have a Switzerland shirt.
The guy they picked for Edward wasn't exactly like I had him pictured, but I have to say (if you've watched the previews and stuff on youtube) he and the girl who plays Bella have some serious on-screen chemistry, so I think it makes up for it.