Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm back!

It has been way too long! I wish I could say I’ve been off on crazy summer adventures, but I really haven’t. Of course I’ve been spending as much time with friends as possible, relaxing by the pool, and working on my tan, but I haven’t really been up to anything so spectacular that I couldn’t spare a few minutes to check in with the OC. I’ve mentioned before that diabetes as writing topic just gets a little boring at times, and I guess that’s why I haven’t felt the need to write here. Perhaps I need to share a little more me and little less “diabetor” to get the writing rolling again?

This summer has given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my friends. The majority of my friends live in a town about twenty five minutes away, but four of my closest friends live only five minutes from me so we’ve been trying to make the most of that. Usually just hanging out by my pool, watching TV, going to the park, or out to dinner, but it’s really more about the company. Since I am one of the few with a license and a car, I’ve taken the position as official driver to get all of us across town to see the rest of our friends. We hop in my bug, crank up the tunes, blast the a/c, and try make memories we hope will last forever.

Oh, oh guess who has braces now!? ME! I am probably the only person to ever be excited about braces, but I am. Okay, so it’s been a bit painful, and my OCD tendencies have now turned to obsessive multiple teeth brushings per day. But I know it will all be worth it in the end. Apparently they make me look younger, which is not good because I already have a “baby face” (at least that's what I've been told). I should probably mention I have to get a few teeth pulled because along with my baby face, I still have two baby teeth. Weird, right? Well they are still there because I don’t have any adult teeth underneath. Crazy!

I finished a class!!! I got a B! It was an honors Algebra II class, so I’m happy with that. I’m also on the verge of finishing another one. If I keep up this pace, I will definitely be applying to college for 2009, just like my friends! But then that leads to the next topic…

I am so freaked out about the idea of college. In the “I can not make this decision, stop asking me questions about my possible majors, no I don’t have a specific place in mind, ahhhh leave me alone” sort of way. One of my closest friends is struggling with this too. I can easily hold her hand telling her it will be okay, but I can’t do the same for myself. I think it’s because the idea of going to college was real until very recently. It’s hit me like a freight train, and I am still trying to recover from the impact.

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! I’m off to learn some Spanish, you know so I can graduate on time and think about college...ew.


Colleen said...

Personally, I think if you can get a B in Honors Math that you can probably do just about anything, including going to college. Take small steps Jillian, you'll get there.
Ummm - we want to see that baby face with the new braces. How about a photo!
Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Yayy you updated!! I'm glad to hear you've spent time relaxing, that's what summer is for of course!

Anyway- I agree with colleen. If you can get a B in honors math.. You probably can do anything. You could probably even graduate EARLY! I could also say "Ohh don't worry about college, you'll figure it out when the time comes" But then, I'm not sure that would really help. I know I was the same as you ("don't even ASK me"), the topic got sooo old .. But, well, in the end- it really will be okay, and you'll probably look back and wonder why it ever had you so worried in the first place. If it's any issue, try not to let other peoples stress about the application process affect you either.. that can get pretty rough. Plus, I feel like half the people already IN college don't even know what they want to do yet.. I'm sure you're not alone there. Though I don't suggest being too laid back about it either of course.. Start looking into colleges this summer that you have even a remote interest in. I'm sure you've heard all this before. Basically, although I know it's hard, try not to be TOO freaked out about it. I know it feels unreal but, if it's any comfort, it will feel real (and less scary) eventually- you've just gotta get yourself there! Hopefully that helps a little bit.

Oh yeah, Thank you for your comment too by the way! (I wrote back on the post)

Ashley said...

hello, brilliance! i can't believe that you got a B in honors math! you rock! i've never taken honors math let alone done well in it.
congrats on the braces too. i was all about mine until they got tighter. look like a kid now, but when they come off they'll look SO great and grown up.
relax about college. take a look at a couple every other day, send for apps, but try not to think about it all the time. once you get there its no big deal. keep your options wide though. don't do what i did.. don't settle for something you're thinkin you dont want just because of money. money can be made up later.

hope that helps!

Naomi said...

I'm *always* at the orthodontist's office for one kid or another. And we always run into friends there! Do you go to Dr. Okun? Wouldn't that be weird!

We've been at the pool as well. I'm waterlogged because we shut the place down tonight. It's very relaxing, and very hard to update our blogs when we're paddling around.

College... It's a big decision. I went to 4 of them trying to figure it all out. And you know what? I was just thinking today that maybe I should try again...

No worries. Just classes.

dae said...

College, girl! :)
It's a huge decision, and till this day I'm super thankful I didn't have many options, but I agnonised over my choice of course for ages. Not many unis to choose from where I'm from, at least. Listen to what the rest say, and I know whatever the case when you finally get there you will have a rockin' good time! :)

Summertime is fantastic eh? My summer holidays are ending in two weeks and I'm not pleased about it. Bye bye afternoons at the pool, bumming around and getting to go wherever I please. Hope you're still having fun!

amylia said...

re: college.

Don't sweat it. You don't need to worry about what you want to major in for the 1st 2 years, really, b/c you have to take so many general classes/requirements. Plus, you gotta change your major at least once. I think that's mandatory, along with trying alcohol and having sex. Both necessary components of college life--you rarely get out of college without a boyfriend change, a few hangovers and at least once change of major.

(Wait, don't tell anyone I'm a teacher. That sounds like really bad advice!)