Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quilt For Life

Yesterday, I took my first solo trip into DC to view Quilt for Life and meet a few OC bloggers.
The quilts were beautiful. As I wandered through the display a few of the quilts even made me a little emotional. Seeing diagnosis dates and birthdays only a few years apart was difficult. Looking at the faces who had known this disease longer than I have wasn't easier either. We need a cure, pure and simple.
Towards the end of the display I spotted Allison. A few minutes later she walked over, with open arms to greet me. Then we found Kevin, his wife, and the twins (absolutely adorable) a few rows away. After a photo op in front of the Capital and a chat in the grass, Kevin had to get back to work so we all said goodbye and parted ways for lunch. Allison, Wendy, and I walked to a Ruby Tuesday's a few blocks away. We covered a variety of topics during the trek and lunch; crazy endos, my northern New Jersey culture shock, college, JDRF walks, if my was blog pink or purple and more. After lunch we walked to the nearest Metro stop where I had to help Allison and Wendy navigate purchasing fare cards. I found this extremely entertaining, because I rarely use Metro. After we made it through the gate we said our goodbyes, and I made my way home.
It was interesting to put real live faces, voices, and personalities to some of the blogs I read. Like that final missing puzzle piece. If you haven't met another blogger yet, I would recommend that you try to make that happen. It's definitely a worthwhile experience.

I'm sure Allison will have a post later with pictures, so be on the look out!


Allison said...

It was so great meeting you!! :-) I'm glad you had a good time. I definitely agree that everyone should meet another blogger. I'm a huge fan!!

Sara said...

I love meeting bloggers! Your blog is purple right? :D

Colleen said...

I am so glad you got to go and - that you met up with other bloggers.
Purple, right??

Jillian said...

Yes, it's purple! Apparently it hasn't always looked that way though...who knows.

asskeeper said...

It was awesome meeting you. And thank you so much for helping us navigate the metro.

Cara said...

Hey! I saw Allison's post also. :) You guys look like you had fun. I swear, on my next trip to DC, I am going to let you know. I have yet to meet another blogger (being from the middle of nowhere and all), and I really look forward to it. I also am going to try to get in touch with Naomi also since she's in the area.

Jess said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. :) I'd like to meet some of the DOC, but you all seem to be on the East Coast while I'm over here in Utah. Maybe I'll have to make a trek over sometime.